Furnishing with carpets

Tappeto: Nuova Estate


Archema carpets made on a hand-loom using the technique described here are indestructible over time, and for their maintenance it is sufficient to brush them and dry-clean them if necessary.

Wool weft, linen warp.
Approx. 85% wool, 15% linen.
Linen fringes.

Choosing furniture for our home is a playful endeavour. And it is particularly so for a carpet. For nothing can take us on the most diverse journeys, into imagination, memory, desire, creation.

And our worlds thus become larger, more colourful, softer, warmer environments.......worlds to see, to touch, to turn, to appreciate, to change.

Nothing like a carpet envelops us in suggestions triggered by observation, touch, texture, size, the combination of colours, their 'weight' within the composition.

Because in a carpet is the story of the artist, of the natural environment in which it is born, of the colours of the season, of the earth, of the sea, of the mountains, of the sky, of the clear day, of the stormy day, of human productions such as cities and towns. In other words, it interprets what we want to see, create, imagine on a daily basis.