As a manufacturer MODERN CARPETS of MODERN CARPETS since 1978

The company Archema was established in 1974. The modern carpet business started in 1978 with a contact with art schools. Thus the relationship developed in a triangular way, Archema - designers - production workshops.
We always suggested creativity and collected quality carpets.

Today, Archema continues to produce high quality handcrafted carpets, but the stock we created in the 1970s and 1980s remains a precious and unrepeatable unicum that, after more than 30 years, we offer for sale on this shop-on-line site.

The design

The design of each carpet or tapestry is executed by a designer on the basis of iconographic research that ranges from legendary, naturalistic or purely geometric symbols to arrive at a different result each time.

Archema, as the manufacturer-publisher of the carpets, identifies, in collaboration with the designers, which designs should be produced based primarily on an aesthetic evaluation.

The designer


His artistic activity ranges from mural painting to textile art.

Some of his many solo exhibitions:

New York 1974,San Francisco 1974 -1976, Bologna 1976, Toulouse 1976, Paris 1978 - 1982, Berlin 1980, Hamburg 1983, Prague 1985, Milan 1985.

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